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14-16 Shane Street, Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT41 2AD

Terms and Conditions

Our quotation will be re-evaluated after 30 days, If Client does not put a 20% deposit down once quotation has been drawn up.

Our service only includes the hire of our Storage Trailer, It DOES NOT include lifting/ carrying or helping the client to fill said Storage Trailer with their belongings.

Our Storage Trailer can either be hired and kept on the clients’ land in a secure location, or it can be hired by the client, filled with the client’s belongings wished to be stored and then returned to Butlers Events Premises for storage.

The favoured payment method is by debit, credit card, bank transfer. Cheques are no longer accepted.

You MUST provide your Name, Contact Number, Address, Email Address, Vehicle Registration number, Payment detail and any other information we require on the day of hire.

You have 48hrs to record and report any damages to Butlers Office team or info@butlersevents.co.uk once you have retrieved your goods from the Storage Trailer.

All breakable items are to be securely packed and wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap, we won’t accept liability for any damages.

You must let us know 12pm the day before your booking is due of any cancellations. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation charge.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage you suffer or experience as an outcome of your failure to perform your responsibilities.

When the storage Trailer is on the Clients land the Client is responsible for the trailer(s), including any and all contents. Butlers will accept no liability for loss of the Storage Trailer, damage or any fines arising from the location of the trailer.

The cost for the delivery and collection refers to a set cost per mile (as company policy), Which will be agreed in the quotation.

The Contract between Butlers and the Client shall begin from the First payment of 20% Deposit to secure dates requested from the Client or from the overall cost of hire being paid in full.

The client is required to review the Storage Trailer prior to the beginning of the hire process and notify Butlers if the Trailer is damaged or unsuitable for requirements in any way. If not, the Storage Trailers will be deemed to be in good condition.

Clients can have access to their Storage Trailer at any times during Business hours throughout the week, Monday – Friday 9am-3:30pm and on Saturdays 9am-11pm. The Client must provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if they wish to visit on Saturdays. Butlers have the right to change the opening hours without prior notice.

Butlers may need to move Storage Trailers on certain occasions and the client must ensure that the contents of the Storage Trailer must be arranged in such a way that any damage will not transpire.

Butlers (and agents or servants) reserve the right to enter the Storage Trailer without the Customers permission, to remove any or all goods stored within the Storage Trailer for the determination of examination, cleaning, repairs to the Storage Trailer or in an emergency prevent damage or injury to persons or property and to remove prohibited objects if the Butlers is required to do so by any Public Service, Authority or Court Order, or to obey with any other clause in this contract. Butlers will not be held liable for any damage caused to the goods stored in the Storage Trailer as a result of such entry or removal except to the extent that this is due to the negligence of Butlers.

The Client permits to and promises with Butlers that, such goods within the Storage Trailer are not of a dangerous nature, do not have any dangerous features including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms or ammunition, are not stolen goods or drugs and otherwise will not contaminate or otherwise damage or effect the company’s premises or other goods stored within or not emit any fumes or odours. The goods will be sufficiently packaged and not of a perishable nature or include any plant animal or other living creature. Butlers could refuse to permit storage of any goods regardless of reason.

As a Client of Butlers, you WILL NOT - Use the Storage Trailer as an office or living space nor can you use the business as a home or business address.

Spray paint, do work of any kind to the Storage Trailer, attach anything to the walls, ceiling or floor of the Storage Trailer or make any alteration. Cause any damage to the Storage Trailer or Butlers’ property or possessions or any other Clients’. If in breach of this clause the client must (at the decision of Butlers) repair, restore or replace such damaged items, or reimburse Butlers costs in making the necessary repairs, restoration and/or replacement.

liability to you in the event of loss or damage to those goods will be subject to a maximum liability of £100 total for each Storage Trailer.

No employee of Butlers shall be separately liable to you for any loss, damage, errors or under the terms of this Contract.

Our liability shall cease upon handing over goods from our Premises

Butlers reserves the right to move your Storage Trailer to any other location belonging to. Butlers shall be entitled to send any notice, statement or any other document whatsoever to the Client at the address or email address supplied by the Client in the Contract.