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14-16 Shane Street, Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT41 2AD

We Supply Trailers

Our passion is to provide our customers Bespoke Trailers for the Catering and Hospitality Industry.

We have an extensive product range that includes catering trailers, van conversions, sales, exhibition, hospitality and farmer's market trailers.

Just to name a few types of Trailers available within our manufacturing capability are Fish & Chip Trailers, pizza Trailers, Coffee Trailers, Delicatessen Trailers, Crepes Trailers, Bakery Trailers and many more.

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Tailored for you

All our trailers are manufactured on our business premises in Randalstown, Northern Ireland, our aim is to provide customised trailers for the Catering and Hospitality industry.

To name a few trailers within our manufacturing department we have made - Catering Trailers, Van Conversions, Mobile Bars, Refrigeration Trailers, Sales Trailers, Exhibition Trailers and Hospitality Trailers.

All made to our customer's specification.

You have the option to supply your own equipment and we can fit it or we can supply all of the equipment and fit if you require.

PAPS - Presentation, Appearance, Products and Service!

Through the years our designs and engineering have stood the test of time with many customers becoming repeat customers with success stories along the way.

We encourage you to visit our premises and see first hand how we operate. We can talk you through your quotation which you will have received for free and also show you trailers from throughout their construction here. Customers have found their site visit very beneficial. Meeting with our sales team to discuss your ideas has resulted in a better end product for you and your business.